St James St Library Campaign

the democratic process?

i have been meaning to upload minutes of various council meetings so our readers can see for themselves how the council has been twisting and turning its message throughout the campaign.

 here are the minutes of the Scrutiny meeting on 4th July 2007, for starters (the first time the campaigners met with the council).   See if you think the council’s excuses are good enough!


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Interesting that there’s no mention of Wood St Library as an alternative to St James St – it can’t be any further away than Lea Bridge or Higham Hill but then isn’t that rumoured to be next on the hit list? Of course St James St won’t have such high usage figures as Hale End, it never has done. (I worked in WF Libs from 1979 to 1989 so I should know). It’s smaller and has other libraries nearer and therefore would have a smaller catchment, but its value to its local community has been completely underestimated by our council.

Comment by Suzanne Parker

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