St James St Library Campaign

Help with our petition (updated nov 07)

You can download and print off copies of the petition here, & email us when they’re done so we can get them off you!  Thanks! Don’t worry about filling in the numbers, we’ll do that for you. We currently have over 2000 signatures.  We are thinking about an online petition too, maybe one for the future?  If you want a bit of online activism straight away, (please do!!!) please check out our ‘but what can i do’ post which i have now updated.  Petition forms can be downloaded here:


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I regret the planned closure of St James. I would have thought libraries are of increasing importance with the influx of migrant workers. They provide a relaxed environmnt in whcih to learn and acquire information as well as being a focus for the community. They are also essential for families. As a new mother I depend on the library and if the goivernment really takes education seriously it should value the help parents can provide by encouraging thier children to acquire reading skills from an early age. I noticed on my last visit to Leytonstone that althouigh the refurbishment has improved the space itself I am disturbed by the apparent reduction in the book stock. regards Julia

Comment by Julia Dandy

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