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consultation – get it back quick!
July 10, 2008, 6:45 pm
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well after months of excuses, broken promises and chasing (the latest excuse was heavy rain!) the consultations have finally been delivered to houses in the st james st area. The council refuses to ask the right questions and they refuse to extend the deadline past 18th July despite the fact most people only received their survey today. Rest assured we’ll stay on their case about this!

In the mean time, i thought people might be interested to know how i have filled in my survey. Of course these answers are just my personal experience but thought you might find some of this useful.

q1 – more than a month ago but less than 6 months ago

q2 – no set time

q3 – no set day

Have added ‘libraries should be open mornings, afternoons and weekends’.

q4 – have ticked ‘other’ and added ‘to attempt to use reference books and borrow both fiction and non-fiction books – unsuccessfully, as reference library was closed and the books i wanted weren’t available’ AND ‘to ask librarians for assistance with looking up reference materials’

q5 – Have ticked ‘other’ and added ‘St James St Open Air Library’

q6 – have ticked ‘other’ and added ‘St James St Open Air LIbrary’, have also ticked ‘library outside borough’.

q7 – have ticked ‘other’ and added ‘St James St Open Air Library has a sense of community and a love of books that is becoming all too rare. I cannot use Central as it is too difficult to access, it has a poor range of books since most were dumped, and it is exceptionally understaffed’.

q8 – I have ticked ‘too far away’ and ‘other’ and added ‘because my local library was closed down’

q9 – i have ticked ‘other’ and added ‘re-open st james st’, ‘BETTER range of books’, ‘better trained and experienced staff’, and ‘more staff’.

q10 – i have ticked ‘very likely’

q11 – i have ticked ‘other’ and added ‘possibly, a community centre in the St James library building with a reasonable size library section. No other option is appropriate.’

q12 – I have had my little rant here. This is what I have said (I am sure you can think of your own rant!!!)

St James St Library was a great community library, value for money, staff who were knowledgable and friendly, always full of kids, people of all ages and races, and packed with a good range of books. IT was the only place to go and not spend money in this whole area. Closing it to save £70,000 is a travesty. Wasting millions on buildings whilst destroying 60% of the borough’s library books and cutting experienced staff is an outrage. The silly questions in this questionnaire seem designed to justify these outrages. No I do not want a book drop off point in a doctors surgery – I want my library back! Please ensure you take all my additional comments into account and include them in the analysis of this consultation.