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Library closure broke disability law
January 21, 2008, 1:44 pm
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See story in on the WF Guardian webpage here

It’s good news that the central government body responsible for disability (the Commission for Equality and Human Rights) will be writing to the council to ‘clarify the situation’.  Perhaps people who are interested in this issue could write to that body themselves with their views? –

The council repeats its claim that works to improve disability access at St James St Library would cost too much money – but how do they know?  They have admitted breaking the law by failing to carry out any assessment of the effect on disabled people of closing the library.  They  have also admitted (for example, Lorna Lee at a recent community council) that although they repeatedly used ‘disability access’ as an excuse for closing St James, in fact they didn’t bother to work out what improvements (if any) it needed, or talk to local disabled organisations.  We have spoken to a local disability expert who said that St James St was very accessible, and met the legal requirements  – as well as the only disabled loo in the area, it had a ramp, handrails, low counters. And importantly, staff who were well trained, friendly, and always willing to help.

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This council’s excuses are sounding increasingly weak and desperate. They don’t even try to check what they said in the past.

I remember a few years ago they were saying saying it would cost just £30,000 to make St James Street meet every requirement you could think of! Not a lot of money, when you think of the extra £230,000 the councillors voted themselves as a pay rise last year.

do you think they’re getting worried?

Comment by Walthamster

How inconsiderate of the council to shut down a library with the only disabled toilet at this end of the market! Have they ever thought of the needs of the disabled and elderly who are not able to go that far to central library? The disabled and elderly were very satisfied with the services at St James library. Ask the people and you will know

Councillors – check yourselves over this issue and give the library back to the people!

Comment by Concern

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