St James St Library Campaign

Singing in the rain…
December 10, 2007, 11:34 am
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The miserable weather, and being locked out of our much loved library, didn’t dampen the spirits of 150 adults and children who turned out on Saturday to say to the council ‘give us our library back!!!’.

See the St James St Library Campaign press release here – pics to follow shortly!

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What a show by the residents in spite of the rainy weather! This really demonstrate how much the people care about their library. Have a heart, Councillor Loakes! Give them their library back as a Christmas gift. Do not be the Scrooge of Christmas but the Hero of St James instead! Which one would you like to be remember as? The choice is yours.

Comment by Library Fan

We said it all in spite of the rain – “PLEASE GIVE US BACK OUR LIBRARY!” Central is too far for us as we live the other end of Coppermill Lane. If you love children and truly care for our future, do the decent honest thing by re-opening our library. We will love you and remember you for life!

We hope you sincerely care for us when you take pictures with children in the WFM for whatever publicity. Prove our parents wrong by listening to the cry of children’s heart.

Comment by Junior Book lover

Councillor Loakes
We thought you care for children when you read to them in Lea Bridge Library. Do you truly care for our literacy levels? We are the ethnic minority in St James St area and really need the library.

We pray that you will listen to us, young people! We love our library very much and like to spend time there to read books. Please answer our prayers!

Comment by Junior

Who needs sunshine when you can have so much fun in the rain? What an amazing turn-out on a grey afternoon. And the the photos show it really is many different people, one community – all united in calling for their library to reopen. Come on Clyde Loakes, stop talking about ‘community’ and do something for it!

Comment by Walthamster, E17

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