St James St Library Campaign

what the local children really think – their future at stake?
August 23, 2007, 3:34 pm
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children hodling petition I miss St James Library – I used go to the library every Monday with school. I used to like hearing the people read us a story.

It’s boring without the library. I wish I could go there still.

Re-open our library because I can just pop round there. 

Please re-open our library because I love reading all the books. 

I thi k the new library is boring. St James’ Library was my favourite one. It takes me ages to find good books. I really enjoyed the books they gave and I was planning to get some more books from the library. I really miss St James’ Library 

I go to Kelmscott in year 8. I used to do a lot of my research in there. I hope you can reopen it!!

I use the library all the time and also little children need it to learn.

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I like St James library very much. Reading is my hobby and I can read 2 books a day. The librarians are very helpful and encourages me to get new titles to read.

I miss it now and have to go such a long way to central. I hope the library will be opened again.

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